The Story

Tom Thibodeau called his reserves "the second unit" but they have their own name for themselves...The Bench Mob. What is the membership requirement? "If you're wild and play with a lot of energy and go all out, you can be a member of the Bench Mob" - Taj Gibson

Bench Mob was founded in 2010 by a passionate Chicago Bulls fan with a design and branding background. The original Bench Mob logo was created and pushed out into the twitterverse (and other social media platforms), where it caught fire with fans and the players alike!

Soon a variety of apparel items were developed which were sold online and in the official Bulls Team Store (inside the United Center). The Bench Mob was the Chicago Bulls second unit that played hard and represented the blue collar fans of the city of Chicago.

The original Bench Mob featured players such as CJ Watson (Quiet Storm), Taj Gibson, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver (Hot Sauce), Brian Scalabrine (The White Mamba), and Omer Asik (The Turkish Hammer).  

As the Bulls players come and go, certain things remain the same...The city of Chicago LOVES players who leave it all out on the court and fight for our city and team. The Bench Mob will be loved and celebrated by all Chicago Bulls fans as new generations of players join the legacy. 

Bench Mob Chicago Bulls Players and Fans

Giving Back

Bench Mob set out to become bigger and more impactful than just selling apparel. The brand partnered with CJ Watson, and donated a portion of all sales to his Quiet Storm Foundation which helps provide a positive impact on underserved youth by providing educational and recreational opportunities in the Las Vegas area. 

Quiet Storm Foundation

The relationship between Bench Mob and The Quiet Storm Foundation which formed back in 2010 still exists to this day. Each year a variety of services are donated to help support The Quiet Storm Foundation in all of their annual events, camps, and fundraisers.


2021 and Beyond

With a passion for all things Chicago Bulls, an amazing team, and amazing fans...The hope is for Bench Mob to come back even stronger than before! 

Bench Mob will again build upon the amazing digital community which was started years ago.  The website will now offer limited edition apparel and collectibles for fans of all ages.

The goal will be to continue to provide the fans with and amazing digital community, while partnering with player foundations to help those less fortunate.


We appreciate your support and are excited for things to come...



Founder, Bench Mob